Friday, February 22, 2008

The 2008 Virtual Tour Buzz

Once again I find myself apologizing to my enormous readership (Is anybody out there?☺) for a lapse in blog entries. I will strive for consistency, but only time will tell. Truthfully, I love to write. Back in the day I was regular contributor to my college paper’s sports page, and just a few credits short of a creative writing minor.
However, because this blog is not about my limited writing achievements, I will share that IWP360 continues to make strides in what seems to be the right direction. After our first year of profitability, limited as it was, we’re enthusiastic about what 2008 will bring.
Part of the buzz is the excitement that comes with photographing hospital virtual tours. As hospital marketing teams emphasize comfortable settings and other themes more often associated with hospitality, virtual tours play a perfect role in expressing that message. Among the hospitals that we have shot recently, MaineGeneral and MetroWest each offer homepage links to our tours. It is a hospital as well that has helped us break out of New England, as we are heading down to New Jersey to shoot Chilton Memorial Hospital next week.
Well, I have to save some stuff for the next entry. I hope too see you soon.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Partnership with Google!

On this first day in June we are proud to celebrate a partnership with Google…Okay, so it’s more of an imagined partnership. However, the addition of 360-degree virtual tour photography to Google Earth is providing a great boost to IWP360's marketing department. Google’s mammoth effort to document street level images across the country with 360-degree virtual tours, further establishes vr photography in the main stream, which is just exactly where we like it.

Though the quality of the imagery falls short of...what’s the name of that virtual tour company out of Boston?...the concept is very cool, and the size of the effort is incredible. Here is the link to the video intro of Street View.

I’m off to hit softballs over a short porch in right. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

No break in the action

After promises of consistent blogging, here we are more than a week since our last entry. The break in the dialogue is simply because there has been no break in the action. The last week and a half has been a whirlwind, including presentations to a big hospital in Maine, a huge investment banking company, and an invitation to return to Northeastern University for a very sizable project.

On Tuesday, May 22, we were on location at the Scandinavian Living Center in West Newton, an assisted living community, where we photographed what is a very exciting virtual tour project. One of the highlights of this project is how many participants are photographed within each rotation. This project will be a great addition to our portfolio of virtual tours featuring people within the rotations.

Just a day away from the beginning of Memorial Day weekend, we are looking forward to a well-deserved break in action.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

360 Degree Highlights

5/13 – Today and for the next few weeks we will begin to look back on some of the 360 degree highlights from the last few months. This morning we will congratulate the St. Andrews Village assisted living community in Boothbay Harbor, ME. They teamed up with Flyte new media of Portland, ME, to build a fantastically dynamic and user friendly new website.

Their new site, which was launched within the last few weeks, and can be found at, features IWP360’s virtual tour photography, which has received rave reviews from the St. Andrews Village staff. Stated the Marketing Director, Pat Forestell, “I have never seen virtual tours that reflect the quality of the images, that they have captured, as elegantly as IWP360 has done for St. Andrews Village.”

It was a pleasure working with both St. Andrews Village and Flyte who also had some kind words to say in a recent Flyte blog posting.
Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

Friday, May 11, 2007

IWP360 In High Gear

IWP360 has been so busy lately that we have neglected our blog, but we are determined to keep you in the loop moving forward. The New Year has kept our Boston office buzzing. In the midst of a mighty sales effort to reach wedding and function venues and resorts, assisted living communities, and hospitals throughout New England, IWP360’s portfolio has been growing at a rapid pace.

Just this morning we were down in Kingston, MA, shooting the Indian Pond Country Club. This is an absolutely beautiful venue, and our 360-degree tours will be featured on their site, in just a few weeks from now.

After a long morning of shooting, we were treated to lunch in the clubhouse, where the Indian Pond Country Club lays claim to New England’s most delicious Calamari!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

New Virtual Tours Posted at Whitcomb House

Whitcomb House, an assisted living community in Milford, MA, posted a tour window of our virtual tours on their site yesterday. Check it out.

IWP360 Virtual Tours for Whitcomb House

Monday, October 30, 2006

International VR Photography Association

I would love everyone to check out International VR Photography Association. It's a wonderful site that serves as a great community for VR photographers. There's a lot of great virtual tours, still panoramic and a nice array of forums.

You can check out IWP360's member's page. You see a bunch of our work there.

Finally, check out Cheatham Lane's Blog on the IVRPA site. He's a great photography out in California.